Aerial drone video

Specialising in cinematic aerial filming.

NO TRIPOD delivers elegant aerial photography. We can replicate a crane shot for a fraction of the cost, or create smooth multi-axis movements and tracking shots that will improve the production quality of your video. We are fully insured ($1,000,000 public liability) Auckland based drone operators.

For a quick quote, we charge $700 per day and $450 per half day. This includes insurance, travel and basic creative/planning & consultation.

Drone Auckland insured safe



Post production


Post production editing

Producing the final video.

Editing and motion graphics can make a huge impact on your production. If you need that done, we have it covered too. Please have a look at Simon’s post production reel here.

For any post work, we charge $600 per day and $400 per half day. The amount of time needed in post production can vary greatly, so please get in touch and let me know what you are after!


Here is a nice little overview of the equipment we use. The main thing of course is the drone, DJI Phantom Professional 3. You can not hire the drone by itself, but you can use us, experienced drone operators based in Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Drone aerial photography.

    Smooth moves and new perspectives.